Jazzle Dazzle March/April 2012 Newsletter

Money due For March & April

All March monthly dues should be paid in full at this time. For the month of April, the only expense is April Dues (or equal payment plan if you are in teams). This money is due by Fri. April 13th. ANYONE CURRENTLY OWING MONEY WILL BE GETTING LATE FEE NOTICE IN CLASS THIS WEEK. Please make sure that your bill is current. Team members need to especially be aware of getting their bill current, as they will not be allowed to compete until their bill is current.

Upcoming Fundraiser: Within the next couple of weeks, your dancer will be getting information about a spring fundraiser. We will be selling baking mixes and spring flower bulbs. This fundraiser is intended to help students pay for studio pictures and next year’s registration fee.

Normal Class Schedule: We WILL be having classes during normal times during spring break from school. Please plan on attending dance during the school break.

Celebration of National Dance Month -April is National Dance Month!!!! We like to do a few fun things to help celebrate in our classes. Please read below, and plan on participating in these fun optional activities:

-Week of April 2nd-6th: Dancers can bring their favorite stuffed animal to dance with them

-Week of April 9th-13th: Dancers can wear their pajamas to dance class (Please make sure that they are a style that your dancer can easily dance in)

-Week of April 16th-20th: Your child can bring a treat to dance to share. Please make sure that it is a one item treat (no treat bags for this event), and that it is easy to hand out (packaged fruit snacks, suckers, etc)

-Week of April 23rd-27th: Crazy Hat or Hair Day. Dancers may wear their craziest hat or hair style to dance. If dancers wear hats, please make sure it is a hat that they can wear and properly dance at the same time.

Important Dates for Spring 2012 Activities:

-Saturday April 28th: Studio Pictures: Please see schedule accompanied with this note. Please plan on arriving about 5 minutes before the time listed on the flier. Please DO NOT pay for pictures until picture day, and plan on paying the photographer directly (not Jazzle Dazzle). For your reference, picture prices are as follows: Memory Mates will sell for $12, extra unit sheets will sell for $8, and extra class pictures will sell for $6. Dancers can wear their hair any way they would like to for pictures. Please do not bring extra people to pictures, as it is rather crowded in the studio on this day despite our best efforts to keep crowd levels to a minimum. Your assistance in this is greatly appreciated! Order forms will be handed out in class the week of April 23rd-27th.

Picture Schedule -

-Saturday May 19th: Performance at Classic Skating Rink: All dancers will perform 1 of their 2 dances per class that they participate in. All dancers will need to be there at 9:10 am, and the performance will begin at 9:30 am, and will last until about 11:30. Please note that our dancers perform on the skating rink, and that it is recommended to bring your own lawn chairs as seating for this performance. Please note that each person that comes to the show will need to purchase a ticket to get into the show. Dancers will be admitted free. Ticket prices will be $3 for adults, $2 for children ages 4-17, all children 3 & under will be admitted for free. There is an order form included with this note that you can fill out to pre-order tickets for this show. All order must have exact change, or a check made payable to Jazzle Dazzle. Teachers will not be able to make change if it is not the exact amount. All pre-order ticket forms will need to be turned in by Thurs. May 10th. All pre-purchased tickets will be handed out in class during the week of May 14th-18th. If you do not come to class that week, you will need to plan on picking up your tickets at the door on the day of the show. If you do not pre-purchase tickets, you will be able to buy tickets at the door. But, we would like to pre-sell as many as possible to keep lines to a minimum on the day of the show. We will have an order of performance for this show included with next month's newsletter. After the show, all dancers and audience members can stay and skate for $2.50 if they would like to do so. There are also other activities with various pricing to stay and participate in of you would like to do so. You will pay for all activities at Classic Skating Rink on the day of the show.

-Thursday June 7th: Recital at Kearns High School. The junior show will begin at 5:30 pm. Next month, we will have the groups designated into Junior and Senior show assignments. Senior show will begin sometime between 7:00 and 7:30. If you have a little dancer (3rd grade or under), they will most likely be in the Junior Show, and since it is starting rather early, we wanted to give parents a heads up, so that they can adjust work schedules if needed. Further details regarding recital will be handed out with next month's newsletter.

-Saturday June 23rd (morning): Optional participation in the West Fest Parade

-Wednesday July 4th: Optional performance in the Magna 4th of July Parade

-Important information regarding end of year payments: When you receive your newsletter for the month of May, please be aware that it will state that money is due for May and June. Even though recital is on June 7th, we do still continue to have class through the month of June. In addition, we also perform in 2 parades, so all of the activities work out to be even more than what dancers participate in during normal months. Therefore, full tuition will be due for that month. Please note that studio pictures will be ready about 4-5 weeks after picture day, but will only be handed out to students who are completely paid up through June, making their bills current through the end of the dance season.

-Summer/ Fall Class Plans: After our dancers perform in the Magna 4th of July parade, this dance season will come to an end. We will have a summer schedule that will run from Tues. July 5th through the end of August. Our fall session will begin the Tuesday after Labor Day, and will run through the end of June of 2012. We will have schedules available for both of these sessions with next month's newsletters, as well as instructions on how to register, and special fall early registration discounts.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us by phone at 801-694-5923, or by email at adkeddin@hotmail.com Thanks for all of the support you give to your dancers. We appreciate the parents, and all you do to make out studio successful. Thanks again! :)