Jazzle Dazzle November 2012 Newsletter


Money Due This Month: November Monthly dues (or Equal payment plan if you are on a competition team). All costume money and Christmas Recital fees should already be paid in full. We will be sending out email invoices within the next couple of days. All payments due by Nov. 10th


New Plan for Sweats/Bags/Hoodies: Originally, we had planned on handing out order forms for these items in October. Due to some circumstances beyond our control, we will be bumping our order time to January. We will be ordering our items in January from this season forward. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. In lieu of this change, we will be offering a $5 off coupon to each person that can be used on an order of $35 or greater. We understand that some of you like to use these items as Christmas gifts. We will have prices for our items within the next couple of weeks, and we will send these to you with an option to purchase a pre-paid gift certificate (or you could also make your own certificate as a Christmas Gift to your dancer). We don’t want to mess up any Holiday gift ideas with the implementation of this new order date. Thank you for your support in this change.


Costume Delivery/Details: Some costumes will go out this week, and delivery on these will continue through the 1st week in December. Please make sure that your bill is completely current so that your dancer can take their costume home. We will send out emails each week letting you know what costumes will be sent home so that you can plan accordingly. Please also note that there is an attachment with this newsletter that specifies the shoes and tights that your dancer will need to accompany their costume. If you are in any Competition Team besides cheer, your shoes and tights are provided as part of your costume. This is listed accordingly. Please make sure that your dancer’s tights are actual dance tights (as opposed to nylons). We recommend Onstage Dancewear for the purchasing of your tights. Most tights are listed as Toast/Tan/Flesh. There are several different brands of tights and all have very similar colors. We are not so picky as to require an exact brand or exact color. Basically, in these classes, we want tights that are the color of regular nylons, but with the durability and thickness of a dance tight. Please talk to your teacher regarding additional details if you still have questions.


Fundraiser Credit: If you participated in the candle fundraiser, I will be sending you an acknowledgement of the amount of that credit and where it was applied. I will be sending out this information with your November emailed invoice.


Christmas Recital: The Christmas recital will be held on Sat. Dec. 15th from 11:00-1:00 at Kearns High School. Dancers will need to be there at 10:30 am. Sometime during the week of Thanksgiving, we will send out a special newsletter that will map out all important information that you will need to know for our Christmas Recital.


No Classes On Thanksgiving: No classes will be held on Thurs. Nov. 22nd (Thanksgiving). All other normal classes will be held during this week, including all Wednesday evening classes.


Fun Opportunity: We are offering an opportunity for any interested dancers to attend our Tuachan St. George summer Performance Tour this July! Brochures on this will be passed out within the next few weeks.


Need to get a hold of us?: Email us at jazzledazzledanceco@gmail.com

Talk to your teacher in class, or contact us by phone at (801)694-5923

New Students

Jazzle Dazzle is not currently accepting any new students. We are adding students to the waiting list for classes that will start in January. If you are interested in being put on the waitlist, please email us your information to jazzledazzledanceco@gmail.com.


October Newsletter

Jazzle Dazzle October Newsletter

The following expenses are due by October 10th

October Monthly Dues

Recital Fee: $13 Per Dancer

***Within this calendar week, you will be receiving an email that will show the amount currently due on

your account. Please note that this will show all payments made on or before Thurs. Oct. 4th.

If you are in Competition Team, please remember that you pay your equal payment plan each



Please do not wait in the lobby during dance classes. Also, please DO NOT DROP YOUR CHILD






We started our Salt City Candle Fundraiser this past week. Selling will go through October 18th. If

you did not receive a selling packet and would like one, please ask your teacher to get one for you.


Costumes should have been paid in full by the end of September. We will begin handing those

out within the next little bit. Please note that we will hand them out as they are delivered to us. This

means that if you have 2 children (or more) in dance, one (or more) may get their costume on a week

where your other child (or children) may not. All costumes will go out sometime between the 3rd week of

October through the 1st week in December. We will email each week to inform you which classes will be

receiving their costumes each week. PLEASE MAKE SURE THAT YOUR COSTUME IS PAID IN FULL


done so). Also, please do not ask when your class’s costume will be delivered. They will all fall within the

dates listed above, and the exact delivery date is based on many factors.


Order forms for sweats will be emailed sometime during the month of October. The items that will

be available to purchase are as follows: T-shirts, hoodies, full sweat outfits, Specialty Jackets, Cinch

Sacks, and duffel bags.


The Christmas recital will be held on Sat. Dec. 15th from 11:00-1:00 at Kearns High School. We

will have additional details about recital to be emailed out with November’s newsletter.


Please note that we will be having Halloween parties during dance classes on: Wed. Oct. 24th,

Thurs. Oct. 25th, Mon. Oct. 29th, and Tues. Oct. 30th. Your dancer will be able to come to class dressed up

in a costume that they will be able to dance in, and bring treats to share with their class. We will email

notes the week before reminding you, and letting you know the amount of children that are in your child’s

class so that you can plan for the correct number of treats. Please note: There will be no classes held

on Wed. Oct. 31st.


Please keep in mind that there should not be any visitors coming to classes. Your cooperation in

this is greatly appreciated. Parents of younger dancers, please make sure that your dancers are going to

the bathroom before class, so that we can make the best use of the class time we have available with

your children.


If you have any questions about anything, please don’t hesitate to ask. You can talk to us in

class, reach us by phone at 801-694-5923 or by email at jazzledazzledanceco@gmail.com We want you

and your dancer to have the best experience possible at Jazzle Dazzle.


Sincerely, The Jazzle Dazzle staff and teachers

Jazzle Dazzle Fall Class Schedule-Please email us for a registration form (jazzledazzledanceco@gmail.com)

Classification Class Day/Time Type of Class Teacher Age Class Prices/Per month
Pre K Combo Mon. 4:00-4:45 Jazz/Hip Hop/Tumbling Trisha 3 yrs-Kindergarten 1 Class: $28 Monthly
Tues. 9:30-10:15 Tap/Ballet/Tumbling Pamela 3 yrs-Kindergarten 2 Classes: $50 Monthly 
Tues. 10:15-11:00 Cheer/Jazz/Tumbling Pamela 3 yrs-Kindergarten 3 Classes: $70 Monthly 
Tues. 1:00-1:45 Tap/Jazz/Ballet/Tumbling Pamela 3 yrs-Kindergarten Each additional class is $12 each 
Wed. 9:30-10:15 Tap/Ballet/Tumbling Pamela 3 yrs-Kindergarten All Technique classes are $10 a month
Wed. 10:15-11:00 Cheer/Jazz/Tumbling Pamela 3 yrs-Kindergarten When taken with another class
Thurs. 6:00-6:45 Jazz/Hip Hop  Trisha 3 yrs-Kindergarten Teams are $50 on Equal Payments
Thurs. 5:15-6:00 Jazz/Ballet/Tap  Angela  4yrs-1st Grade For all expenses 
Elementary Combo Mon. 4:45-5:30 Jazz/Hip Hop Trisha 1st-3rd Grade If you have more than 1 team in a 
Tues. 4:15-5:00 Tap/Jazz/Ballet/Tumbling Pamela 1st-3rd grade family, please email for price quote
Wed. 6:30-7:15 Hip Hop/Jazz/Tap Mindi 2nd-4th Grade
Tues. 5:00-5:45 Jazz/Cheer/Hip Hop Pamela 4th-6th Grade If you have questions:
Tues. 5:45-6:30 Jazz/ Hip Hop Tiffany 4th-6th Grade Please email: jazzledazzledanceco@gmail.com 
Jr. High Combo  Tues. 6:30-7:15 Jazz/Hip Hop/Lyrical Tiffany 7th Grade & Up Or call: (801)694-5923
Tues. 7:15-7:45 Tap/Clogging Krystalina 7th Grade-Adult
High School +  Tues. 7:45-9:00 Senior Jazz/Lyrical/Pointe Miriam 8th Grade-Adult Open House: Sat. Aug. 18th 
All Boys Classes Thurs. 4:00-4:45 All Boys Hip Hop   Angela BOYS 4 yrs-3rd Grade 9:00am-3:00pm at the studio 
Thurs. 4:30-5:15 All Boys Hip Hop   Angela BOYS 4th Grade & up
Specialty Classes  Tues. 9:00-9:30 pm  Senior Hip Hop Rose 8th Grade-Adult Team Auditions: Sat. Aug. 25th 
Wed. 5:45-6:30 Cheerleading Trisha 1st Grade and up
Thurs. 6:45-7:30 Lyrical  Courtney 4th Grade and up Classes will begin on Tues. Sep. 4th 
Thurs. 7:30-8:15 Clogging 1  Jenn W  3rd-6th Grade
Thurs. 8:15-9:00 Clogging 2 Jenn W  7th Grade & up 
Non-Performing Mon. 7:15-8:00 Tumbling/Jazz Technique Trisha 6th Grade & up 
Technique  Tues. 3:30-4:15 Ballet Technique  Pamela 7th Grade & up 
Wed. 4:15-5:00 Tumbling/Jazz Technique Trisha 3rd-5th Grade
Fri. 3:30-4:15 Ballet Technique  Jill 6th Grade & up 
Competition Mon. 5:30-6:30 Competition Cheer Team Trisha 5th Grade & Up
Teams Mon. 6:30-7:15 Hip Hop Team Trisha 4th Grade and up
Audition  Mon. 8:00-9:00 Elite Dazzlers Trisha 6th Grade-8th Grade
Required Wed. 5:00-5:45 Mini Dazzlers Trisha 4 yrs-2nd Grade
Wed. 7:15-8:15 Dynamic Dazzlers Trisha 3rd-5th Grade
Wed. 8:15-9:15 Super Elites Trisha 9th Grade + 

Jazzle Dazzle March/April 2012 Newsletter

Money due For March & April

All March monthly dues should be paid in full at this time. For the month of April, the only expense is April Dues (or equal payment plan if you are in teams). This money is due by Fri. April 13th. ANYONE CURRENTLY OWING MONEY WILL BE GETTING LATE FEE NOTICE IN CLASS THIS WEEK. Please make sure that your bill is current. Team members need to especially be aware of getting their bill current, as they will not be allowed to compete until their bill is current.

Upcoming Fundraiser: Within the next couple of weeks, your dancer will be getting information about a spring fundraiser. We will be selling baking mixes and spring flower bulbs. This fundraiser is intended to help students pay for studio pictures and next year’s registration fee.

Normal Class Schedule: We WILL be having classes during normal times during spring break from school. Please plan on attending dance during the school break.

Celebration of National Dance Month -April is National Dance Month!!!! We like to do a few fun things to help celebrate in our classes. Please read below, and plan on participating in these fun optional activities:

-Week of April 2nd-6th: Dancers can bring their favorite stuffed animal to dance with them

-Week of April 9th-13th: Dancers can wear their pajamas to dance class (Please make sure that they are a style that your dancer can easily dance in)

-Week of April 16th-20th: Your child can bring a treat to dance to share. Please make sure that it is a one item treat (no treat bags for this event), and that it is easy to hand out (packaged fruit snacks, suckers, etc)

-Week of April 23rd-27th: Crazy Hat or Hair Day. Dancers may wear their craziest hat or hair style to dance. If dancers wear hats, please make sure it is a hat that they can wear and properly dance at the same time.

Important Dates for Spring 2012 Activities:

-Saturday April 28th: Studio Pictures: Please see schedule accompanied with this note. Please plan on arriving about 5 minutes before the time listed on the flier. Please DO NOT pay for pictures until picture day, and plan on paying the photographer directly (not Jazzle Dazzle). For your reference, picture prices are as follows: Memory Mates will sell for $12, extra unit sheets will sell for $8, and extra class pictures will sell for $6. Dancers can wear their hair any way they would like to for pictures. Please do not bring extra people to pictures, as it is rather crowded in the studio on this day despite our best efforts to keep crowd levels to a minimum. Your assistance in this is greatly appreciated! Order forms will be handed out in class the week of April 23rd-27th.

Picture Schedule -

-Saturday May 19th: Performance at Classic Skating Rink: All dancers will perform 1 of their 2 dances per class that they participate in. All dancers will need to be there at 9:10 am, and the performance will begin at 9:30 am, and will last until about 11:30. Please note that our dancers perform on the skating rink, and that it is recommended to bring your own lawn chairs as seating for this performance. Please note that each person that comes to the show will need to purchase a ticket to get into the show. Dancers will be admitted free. Ticket prices will be $3 for adults, $2 for children ages 4-17, all children 3 & under will be admitted for free. There is an order form included with this note that you can fill out to pre-order tickets for this show. All order must have exact change, or a check made payable to Jazzle Dazzle. Teachers will not be able to make change if it is not the exact amount. All pre-order ticket forms will need to be turned in by Thurs. May 10th. All pre-purchased tickets will be handed out in class during the week of May 14th-18th. If you do not come to class that week, you will need to plan on picking up your tickets at the door on the day of the show. If you do not pre-purchase tickets, you will be able to buy tickets at the door. But, we would like to pre-sell as many as possible to keep lines to a minimum on the day of the show. We will have an order of performance for this show included with next month's newsletter. After the show, all dancers and audience members can stay and skate for $2.50 if they would like to do so. There are also other activities with various pricing to stay and participate in of you would like to do so. You will pay for all activities at Classic Skating Rink on the day of the show.

-Thursday June 7th: Recital at Kearns High School. The junior show will begin at 5:30 pm. Next month, we will have the groups designated into Junior and Senior show assignments. Senior show will begin sometime between 7:00 and 7:30. If you have a little dancer (3rd grade or under), they will most likely be in the Junior Show, and since it is starting rather early, we wanted to give parents a heads up, so that they can adjust work schedules if needed. Further details regarding recital will be handed out with next month's newsletter.

-Saturday June 23rd (morning): Optional participation in the West Fest Parade

-Wednesday July 4th: Optional performance in the Magna 4th of July Parade

-Important information regarding end of year payments: When you receive your newsletter for the month of May, please be aware that it will state that money is due for May and June. Even though recital is on June 7th, we do still continue to have class through the month of June. In addition, we also perform in 2 parades, so all of the activities work out to be even more than what dancers participate in during normal months. Therefore, full tuition will be due for that month. Please note that studio pictures will be ready about 4-5 weeks after picture day, but will only be handed out to students who are completely paid up through June, making their bills current through the end of the dance season.

-Summer/ Fall Class Plans: After our dancers perform in the Magna 4th of July parade, this dance season will come to an end. We will have a summer schedule that will run from Tues. July 5th through the end of August. Our fall session will begin the Tuesday after Labor Day, and will run through the end of June of 2012. We will have schedules available for both of these sessions with next month's newsletters, as well as instructions on how to register, and special fall early registration discounts.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us by phone at 801-694-5923, or by email at adkeddin@hotmail.com Thanks for all of the support you give to your dancers. We appreciate the parents, and all you do to make out studio successful. Thanks again! :)

February Information

Jazzle Dazzle February 2012 Newsletter

-Money due for this month: February Monthly Dues, $14 per dancer spring recital fee. February equalpayment if you are a Competition Team Member. All February money is due by Thursday Feb. 16th

-Valentine’s Parties: To keep all of our parties on the same week, we are going to have some of ourparties AFTER Valentine’s Day. Parties will be held during normal class times on: Mon. the 13th, Tues. the14th, Wed. the 15th, and Thurs. the 16th. On this day, your child can bring Valentine Cards and/orindividually packaged treats to share with class members. 25 treats is MORE THAN ENOUGH for mostclasses, but if you would like to know the specific amount of class members in your child’s class, you cantalk to your child’s teacher this week.

-Pizza Fundraiser Credits: If you participated in the Pizza Fundraiser, you will also be receiving an emailstating your earned credit on this Fundraiser. Please feel free to apply this to any expenses that youwould like.

-No Class held on President’s Day: There will NOT be any Monday classes held on Mon.Feb.20th inobservance of President’s Day.

-Love to dance blocks: With this email, we are attaching an order form for “Love 2 Dance” Blocks. Assome of you are aware, there was a devastating car accident on Christmas Eve on 90th South. Kelly andRyan Pack, and their 2 boys (Finn and Colum) were the victims of this horrible accident. On ChristmasDay, their 18 month old son, Colum passed away as a result of his injuries. The Mother and Father wereboth in the hospital for over a month, and the Mother was recently re-admitted to the hospital with aninfection. The person that hit this family had no insurance. This family currently faces funeral expenses,hospital bills, and the burden of being out of work, healing emotionally and physically, and finding a newprimary vehicle. Jazzle Dazzle is selling these blocks for $10, and 100% of the proceeds will go to thePack Family. We are teaming up with 5 other local studios for this. Let’s see if we can make a differencefor the Pack Family!!!! Please see the attached order form. The blocks are SO CUTE!!!!!!

-Lyrical/Ballet Class: We recently started a new lyrical/ballet class for 3rd-6th graders. It is on Thurs. from4:45-5:30. We will be accepting new people for 2 more weeks. Please email Angela if you would like to join.

-Bring us a picture of you: We hope you are all enjoying the extra space and new decor in the dancestudio. We have a wall that we would like to use as a spotlight for all of our students. Please bring onepicture of each of your dancers to class sometime this month to help decorate our studio with YOU!!!

-Open Enrollment is closed: We are no longer accepting new students. If you know of someone whowould like to join us at Jazzle Dazzle, please have them contact us, and we will put their information ona waiting list to be contacted regarding summer and fall registration.

-Please mark your calendars for these important dates:

  • -Saturday April 28th: Studio Pictures; Schedule will go out with next month’s newsletter-Saturday May 19th: Morning performance at Classic Skating Rink. Show will begin around 9:30-10:00am. Details to be announced

  • -Thursday June 7th: Recital at Kearns High School (evening hours). We will have a Junior and Senior show.Details to be announced.

  • -Saturday June 23rd (morning): Optional participation in the West Fest Parade

  • -Wednesday July 4th: Optional performance in the Magna 4th of July Parade

Please feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns. Phone: (801)694-5923

Email: adkeddin@hotmail.com

Competition Team - Competition Dates

MON. 5:30
MON. 7:00
MON. 7:45
WED. 4:45
WED. 7:15
WED. 8:15

The following is a list of dates for competition season. Please mark your calendar, and note that thesecompetitions are IN ADDITION to all of the other Jazzle Dazzle spring activities that ALL dancersparticipate in (Studio Pictures, Classic Skating, Spring Recital, West Fest Parade, and the 4th of JulyParade).

1. Competition on Sat. April 14th. Roughly schedule at Cottonwood High School, but location still subject to change

2. Competition on Sat. May 12th at Kearns High School

3. Competition at Lagoon on Sat. June 9th

Please let us know if you have any questions.