February Information

Jazzle Dazzle February 2012 Newsletter

-Money due for this month: February Monthly Dues, $14 per dancer spring recital fee. February equalpayment if you are a Competition Team Member. All February money is due by Thursday Feb. 16th

-Valentine’s Parties: To keep all of our parties on the same week, we are going to have some of ourparties AFTER Valentine’s Day. Parties will be held during normal class times on: Mon. the 13th, Tues. the14th, Wed. the 15th, and Thurs. the 16th. On this day, your child can bring Valentine Cards and/orindividually packaged treats to share with class members. 25 treats is MORE THAN ENOUGH for mostclasses, but if you would like to know the specific amount of class members in your child’s class, you cantalk to your child’s teacher this week.

-Pizza Fundraiser Credits: If you participated in the Pizza Fundraiser, you will also be receiving an emailstating your earned credit on this Fundraiser. Please feel free to apply this to any expenses that youwould like.

-No Class held on President’s Day: There will NOT be any Monday classes held on Mon.Feb.20th inobservance of President’s Day.

-Love to dance blocks: With this email, we are attaching an order form for “Love 2 Dance” Blocks. Assome of you are aware, there was a devastating car accident on Christmas Eve on 90th South. Kelly andRyan Pack, and their 2 boys (Finn and Colum) were the victims of this horrible accident. On ChristmasDay, their 18 month old son, Colum passed away as a result of his injuries. The Mother and Father wereboth in the hospital for over a month, and the Mother was recently re-admitted to the hospital with aninfection. The person that hit this family had no insurance. This family currently faces funeral expenses,hospital bills, and the burden of being out of work, healing emotionally and physically, and finding a newprimary vehicle. Jazzle Dazzle is selling these blocks for $10, and 100% of the proceeds will go to thePack Family. We are teaming up with 5 other local studios for this. Let’s see if we can make a differencefor the Pack Family!!!! Please see the attached order form. The blocks are SO CUTE!!!!!!

-Lyrical/Ballet Class: We recently started a new lyrical/ballet class for 3rd-6th graders. It is on Thurs. from4:45-5:30. We will be accepting new people for 2 more weeks. Please email Angela if you would like to join.

-Bring us a picture of you: We hope you are all enjoying the extra space and new decor in the dancestudio. We have a wall that we would like to use as a spotlight for all of our students. Please bring onepicture of each of your dancers to class sometime this month to help decorate our studio with YOU!!!

-Open Enrollment is closed: We are no longer accepting new students. If you know of someone whowould like to join us at Jazzle Dazzle, please have them contact us, and we will put their information ona waiting list to be contacted regarding summer and fall registration.

-Please mark your calendars for these important dates:

  • -Saturday April 28th: Studio Pictures; Schedule will go out with next month’s newsletter-Saturday May 19th: Morning performance at Classic Skating Rink. Show will begin around 9:30-10:00am. Details to be announced

  • -Thursday June 7th: Recital at Kearns High School (evening hours). We will have a Junior and Senior show.Details to be announced.

  • -Saturday June 23rd (morning): Optional participation in the West Fest Parade

  • -Wednesday July 4th: Optional performance in the Magna 4th of July Parade

Please feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns. Phone: (801)694-5923

Email: adkeddin@hotmail.com