New Lyrical Class Addition

We are excited to announce that we are adding a class to our schedule beginning the first Thursday in February.

We will accept new participants until the 3rd week of February. We are adding a lyrical/ballet class to the schedule for children ages 3rd-6th grade.

The tuition will be the normal multiple class amount based on whatever classes the children in your family are currently enrolled in. Please ask Angela for details on that if you have any questions. The class will perform in bare feet, and they will need footless toast tights to accompany their costume. The class will be on Thurs. from 4:45-5:30, and the teacher will be Courtney Steele. Since we are starting this class mid season, the participants will only learn one dance that will be performed at each of the spring performances. For this same reason, we would also like to keep the costume a little cheaper. We will be purchasing a ballet dress, and the total cost will be between $30-$35. Please email if you are interested in joining this class!