Christmas Rectial Newsletter and Information

Jazzle Dazzle December 2011 Christmas Recital Detail Note

Attention all Jazzle Dazzle parents and students: This note is FULL OF VERY IMPORTANT INFORMATION that you will need for the upcoming Christmas recital. Please print this out and keep this close by until after the Christmas recital, and be sure to ask your teacher or call/email Angela with any questions that you may have.

Money Due For December: December Monthly Dues (or EPP if you are in a team)
Money…….: All December money is due by Thurs. Dec. 15th!!!! There will be a $10 late fee STRICTLY ENFORCED to any bills that are past due on Dec. 16th!!!! Please pay your bills on time so that we can pay our teachers before the Christmas Break!!! Due to the fact that we have recital AND class in December, full tuition is due for the month of December. Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday classes only come a total of three times (with recital), however, these days all received 5 classes in either October or November, so it evens out.

***Most of you have already received your costumes. If you have not, you will be receiving
them this week in class. A few classes will be receiving their costumes next week. After the
Christmas recital, PUT YOUR COSTUMES AWAY!!!!!!! These are the same costumes that will be worn for the spring performances, and some of them, due to shipping times, will be IMPOSSIBLE to replace before picture day in April.

Sweats: At this time, we are anticipating our sweats, bags, T-Shirts, and hoodies being delivered during normal class times next week (week of Dec. 12th-16th). There is a slight chance that they will not be complete during the beginning part of the week. If this is the case, we will email you, and arrange a time the week after recital that you can swing by the studio and pick up your items. We will keep you posted on this.

Help for performances: We do need some help for our Christmas recital. If you are willing to help with your dancers’ class, please reply to this email. We will accept emails until we have enough helpers. We will confirm either way whether or not we will need your help. You will still get to watch your dancer(s) perform if you are helping at a show. You will receive a $15 credit to your bill as well.

Preparing for performances:
Please be reminded of the proper shoes and tights that you need to wear with your costumes, which is listed below. Also, please have your child’s hair styled out of their face with their sides pulled up or completely up in a ponytail. We encourage all children to wear a little bit of makeup (especially blush and lipstick) so that they do not look washed out on stage:

Mon. 4:00: Toast/Tan/Nude color tights with white tennis shoes
Mon. 4:45: Toast/Tan/Nude color tights with white tennis shoes
Mon. 5:30: Toast/Tan/Nude color tights with white tennis shoes
Mon. 7:00: White tennis shoes
Mon. 7:45: Please wear provided shoes and tights
Tues. 9:30: Please wear white tights and black tap shoes
Tues. 10:15: Please wear no tights, white ankle length socks, and white tennis shoes
Tues. 1:00: Please wear white tights and pink ballet shoes
Tues. 3:30: Ask Pam/ Rose
Tues. 4:15: Please wear Toast/Tan/Nude tights with pink ballet shoes
Tues. 5:00: Toast/Tan/Nude color tights with white tennis shoes
Tues. 5:45: Ask Tiffany/Pam
Tues. 6:30: Ask Tiffany/Pam
Tues. 7:15: Ask Krystalina/Pam
Tues. 7:45: Ask Miriam
Wed. 9:30: Please wear white tights and black tap shoes
Wed. 4:45: Please wear shoes & tights provided with costume
Wed. 5:45: Wear tights provided with costume and black tap shoes
Wed. 6:30: Toast/Tan/Nude color dance tights and white tennis shoes
Wed. 7:15: Please wear shoes and tights provided with costume
Wed. 8:15: Please wear shoes and tights provided with costume
Thurs. 4:00: Please wear black pants and dark color tennis shoes
Thurs. 5:30: Please wear Toast/Tan/Nude tights with pink ballet shoes
Thurs. 6:15: Please wear Toast/Tan/Nude tights with pink ballet shoes
Thurs. 7:00, 7:45, and 8:30: Toast/Tan/Nude color tights with clogging shoes

Christmas Recital
-Date: Sat. Dec. 17th

-Times: Jr. Show at 11:30, be there at 11:00, Sr. Show will start between 12:15- 12:30 (Depending on how long it takes to clear the auditorium after the Junior show), be there at 12:00 Noon (Please look at the provided order of performance below to see what show your dancer is involved in). Senior show members: Please arrive to the school completely ready to perform, as your show may begin as early as 15 min. after arrival time. We don’t want you there too early or the dressing room will be too crowded, but please……..DO NOT BE LATE!!!!!!

-Location: Kearns High School located at 5225 Cougar Lane (Take 4100 So. to 5600 W, Turn South.
Travel to 5400 So, Turn East. Travel to 4800 W. Turn South. Kearns High school will be located on the East side of the road)


-Please be aware: There will be another dance studio’s recital going on before ours that is scheduled to end at around 10:45 am. Don’t panic if you get there, and there is a show already in progress in the auditorium. We WILL NOT begin our 1st show until 11:30.

-Optional Purchases At Recital: This year there will be a photographer and videographer at the show. You may purchase pictures of your child’s group and a filming of our entire show

-Details: Remember, there is no admission fee to this show, and lots of sitting room, so please invite friends and family to this performance!!! When you arrive, please feel free to park on the north and west side of the school. Please enter the school through the either set of these doors. If you use the west doors, you will see the auditorium as soon as you enter. If you use the north doors, you will need to travel down a hallway towards the center of the school until you reach the auditorium. We will be using the choral room as a holding room for the junior show. For the senior show, this will be used as a full dressing room. NO BOYS WILL BE ABLE TO USE THE CHORAL ROOM DURING THE SENIOR SHOW!!! If you have a child in the junior show that will need to change costumes, please use the public restroom, as there will be boys in the choral room during the junior show. When you arrive, please look for the choral room located to the southeast of the auditorium. At this point, there will be adult helpers, as well as your child’s teachers to help with them backstage. Right after your child performs their dance, their teacher (or another helper) will take them back to the choral room. They will receive their medals in the backstage area AFTER they perform their last dance. Please come to the holding room right after your child’s dance ends, and have them come and sit with you through the remainder of the show. We have a lot of kids backstage, and we would like all kids to be back with their parents as soon as they’re finished dancing!!! As you come and go out of the auditorium, please be courteous by NOT entering or leaving the auditorium during the middle of a dance. If your child is in the senior show, please keep in mind that when the Junior show ends (around 11:45) that the entire auditorium will clear out, and that this would be a good time to enter the auditorium and find a seat for the senior show.

Junior Show Order Of Performance, Show will begin at 11:30, Please be there at 11:00
***Estimated show time: 35 minutes
1. Tues. 9:30 Class
2. Thurs. 5:30 Class
3. Mon. 4:45 Class
4. Thurs. 4:00 Class
5. Tues. 10:15 Class
6. Thurs. 6:15 Class
7. Mon. 4:00 Class
8. Tues. 1:00 Class
9. Wed. 6:30 Class
10. Wed. 5:45 Class
11. Wed. 9:30 Class
12. Tues. 4:15 Class

Senior Show Order Of Performance, Show will begin between 12:15-12:30, Please be there at Noon
***Estimated show time: 50 minutes
1. Tues. 7:45: (Candle On The Water)
2. Mon. 5:30 Cheer Team
3. Tues. 5:00 Class
4. Wed. 4:45 Team (It is correct that this younger team is in the SENIOR show)
5. Tues. 7:45: (Jar Of Hearts)
6. Mon. 7:00 Team
7. Tues. 5:45 Class
8. Thurs. 8:30 Class
9. Tues. 7:45: (Hello)
10. Thurs. 7:45
11. Wed. 7:15 Team
12. Tues. 6:30 Class
13. Mon. 7:45 Team
14. Tues. 7:15 Class
15. Wed. 8:15 Team
16. Tues. 3:30 Class
17. Thurs. 7:00 Class
18. Tues. 9:00 Class

Christmas break: After our recital, we will begin our Christmas break, which will last from Sun. Dec. 18th–Sunday January 8th. Dance will begin on your child’s normal class time on Monday January 9th, 2012. Please note that Mon. and Tues. classes will still get 4 classes in January, Wednesday classes will get 5 classes in February, and Thursday classes will get 5 classes in March which will equal out everyone paying full tuition for January even though we are beginning classes again in the 2nd week of January.

Recital Video Party: Since our recital is right before Christmas break, our dancers will not get an opportunity to see their Recital before our break. The first week back to class, dancers may bring treats & wear pajamas to class if they would like to do so. We will spend a portion of their class watching the Christmas recital. We will send out a reminder email with the amount of treats for each class as this gets a little closer.

Pizza Fundrasier: We will begin our Pizza Fundraiser in January. Because we are not coming back to dance until Jan. 9th, we will have a pickup time sometime during the 1st week of January for those who would like to pick up their order forms so that they can have a little more selling time on this fundraiser. We will contact you by email with this date as it gets a little closer.

Spring Plans: We will be using the same costumes for our spring performances and activities, which will include: Studio Pictures in April, Classic Skating rink in May, Spring recital in June, and the Magna 4th of July parade (for those that are interested in performing in the parade). Please remember to avoid the $10 late fee by paying for December dues by Thurs. Dec. 15th. Again, if you have any questions, please talk to your teacher, call the studio at 801- 694-5923, or email us by replying to this email. We are very excited for you to see the progress that your dancer has made throughout this season, and we thank you for your support in their behalf!!!